Holidays with children

Holidays bring to mind visions of long warm days, sipping cocktails and relaxing beside a pool or beach.
My husband and I travelled a lot before having children. We come from a regional town and travelled outside of Australia for the first time for our honeymoon. This was the start of our love affair with travel.

Different countries and cultures are fascinating.  Same country, different cities is fascinating.  We first moved from our regional base to Melbourne.  This was an eye opening experience.  We thoroughly enjoyed the city lifestyle. Took us a little while to start exploring as we overcame our nervousness of being in such a busy unknown urban environment. Once we widened our comfort zone, living overseas didn’t seem so scary.
So next step along the life plan was to throw caution to the wind and uproot ourselves once again and head overseas. London was our destination and we had no idea what we were in for. We travelled extensively throughout Europe while we were based in London.  Flying in to a new destination for a weekend was a thrill.
We eventually decided it was time to head home and start a family.
A family of your own is exciting.  You have so many wonderful ideas about what a great parent you are going to be.  We often discussed travel as a part of our children’s upbringing.  We have been away a few times with our children now – not overseas yet.
We have struggled with our children on holidays. They never seem to sleep properly when we are away. They sleep in separate rooms at home and struggle to sleep in the same room without a lot of intervention from us. Usually means we need at least a three bedroom house to save ourselves the stress. Expensive…..
We also don’t seem to be able to have a quiet day. We need to keep them active or they harrass us no end. We bring activities with us, toys, colouring in books, reading books and dvds – most things that happily occupy them at home but not when we are away.
We are currently away and things seem to be tracking along a little better. Maybe we are more prepared or more relaxed about the whole thing or maybe the girls are just getting a little bit older. We are staying at the beach and have had some glorious weather. The girls went straight to sleep tonight and we had both an active morning and a more low key afternoon. Hopefully tomorrow continues along this line and it might give me hope for future overseas travel being an option sooner rather than later…..


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