Chocolate is not your friend

Yesterday I ate a bar of chocolate – it was delicious! I have been on the I quit sugar regime for 5 weeks now and no your body does not forget how yummy chocolate is.

Last weeks menu didn’t appeal to me a great deal which pretty much sealed it’s fate. The kids turned their noses up at the weeks that did appeal to me so they would have been awfully hungry if I had persisted this week. So I back tracked and pulled out some of the recipes from the previous weeks that everyone enjoyed. It has meant that I haven’t been as structured and a few coffees have slipped in and then came a chocolate bar yesterday – oops!

I had already decided I wasn’t going to ever be a hard core no sugar kind of person but drastically reducing the amount of sugar intake would do wonders for my health. And a bit of exercise wouldn’t go astray…..

So we are back on the game plan this week – some of the meals this week look great – and I hope to pick up where we left off a week ago. Over the 5 weeks I have lost 3.5 kilos which is great but there is still a way to go to a goal weight but slow and steady wins the race.


I have had to field quite a few questions from Lottie in relation to our new food. I definitely DO NOT want to talk to her about weight so we have been talking about healthy choices for food. They have done work on this at school so it is not a foreign concept for her but she isn’t a fan of capsicum, onion and eggplant as the vegetable component of her meal. So the request when asked what’s for dinner is if we could have ‘normal’ vegetables please. Our normal vegetables now consist of mashed pumpkin and sweet potato with greens stirred through. They happily gobble these up.

Another side of this is the budget obviously. We now do all our food shopping at Aldi and were saving a small fortune just from this swap from Coles. Our food bills have increased slightly since starting this as I am packing a lot more vegies in but by cutting out the take away it really kind of balances itself out. Our weekly shopping bill sits around the $130-$150 mark (sometimes as low as $100 if we have meat in the freezer!). Some people are surprised thinking this is really low but I certainly don’t skimp in the food department and there is always plenty of snacks in the cupboard. My food bill used to be over $200 per week when we shopped at Coles.

Anyway by slipping yesterday and eating a chocolate bar it reminded me that I still have no self control when it comes to chocolate and that two pieces of a bar will never be enough…..


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