La Emilotte…… my alter ego


Once upon a time there was a girl who grew up got married and had a baby. She went back to work part time and before too long decided a sibling was required for the lucky first born. While on maternity leave for a second time it dawned on her that she wasn’t any where near busy enough so a hobby was required. In walked a sewing machine……

Crazy but true story! I have always loved sewing and craft projects are always on the go in my house. My mum taught me to sew and after getting a part time job at Spotlight while at school, the craft department got the better of me (and the better part of my pay cheque!).

While on maternity leave with Emmy, I started creating again and began with all manner of hair accessories for my two girls. Then I borrowed my mother’s old sewing machine and started on dresses and skirts. Then came the Facebook page, the market stalls on weekends and the ball just kept rolling. I ventured off into the supplies trade to supply all the latest and greatest products to all my newly made friends in the handmade community on Facebook. My house was being overtaken!

I went back to work part time as an accountant and tracked along ok for a little while juggling all the many balls I had up in the air at once. Life is really busy with two little girls, part time work and part time business! Eventually it dawned on me that I was making life more difficult than it needed to be and I was not spending anywhere near enough time with Lottie and Emmy as I was always working. Hard choices and compromises is what life is all about and it was time I let something go.

I was very lucky to have a great support base for the Craft supplies business and a number of hands went up when I asked the question if someone would like to take over. We settled on a price for the stock and accessories and before I knew it time was back on my side.

I didn’t realise how much I had missed sewing and creating items for the two special little people in my life. It was disappointing for them when I would create a lovely dress only to post it off to another lucky little girl. It was lovely to get back to basics and spend time with them choosing a fabric for a dress or making something in secret at night time to surprise them with in the morning. It reminded me that simple things are the best and I don’t need to be super woman.

I still sew for business and truly love making one of a kind items for my beloved customers – I just don’t take on a million orders at once any more. I have enjoyed sewing again now that I have stepped back from forcing orders out the door each week. I never wanted sewing to be my job – I always want it to be something I am passionate about. When I converted it to a job I lost the passion. Now that I stopped it from being a ‘job’ and went back to enjoying it as a hobby life has become easy again.

Thankfully the girl cut herself some slackĀ and they lived happily ever after…..


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